Pax Imperia, Star Wars Galaxies

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    History of Pax and the Pax Events:

  • Name of Event: Classic Player PVP base battle

  • Contact: Wulfman
    Location: Outside of Pax Imperia, near Kor Vella, Corellia
    Date: Saturday April 14th Time: 5 PM EDT / 23:00 CET
    Description: The classic type of PVP battle with two SF bases around 1000m -1500m apart, placed 4 hours before the Event. The Corellia corner up around Kor Vella / Pax Imperia is rather remote and we could use the Imperial base just outside of Pax Impera (with cloner and shuttle in the town) while the reble base could be along the river with cloner and shuttle beacon camp for gathering troops a bit away from that (so that peopel don't get picked one by one when going SF again).

  • Name of Event: Pax Imperia 3 year anniversary

  • Date, Time: Date, Time: Friday June, 16st - starting 10 pm CET / 4 pm EST
    Purpose of Event: It was on the 16th of December 2003 when Alrevolis Vosteo founded Pax Imperia on the river a couple of kilometers west from the starport of Kor Vella.
    To celebrate this day the merchants of Pax Imperial had special sales on their vendors, a lottery Droid had a jackpot of over 1 million credits and the city had several decorations for the whole week prior the anniversary.
    There were two race droids placed, one for creature mounts only and the other one was for speeder races. There was a "Droid duel tournament" where participants could have their Droids fight each other. You could bet on the outcome of the matches. Than also Lord Vader came to visit Pax Imperia again. Shortly after that several waves of elite rebel troopers tried to invade Pax Imperia, but the joint forces of all Imperials present at the event could fight them off. Afterwards a cantina party was in the "Laughing Svelt" Cantina where Entertainers performed, while others chated and danced. When night came a firework display closed the evening.

  • Name of Event: Pax Imperia GCW PVP battle

  • Date, Time: Date, Time: Friday June, 16st - starting 11 pm CET / 5 pm EST
    Purpose of Event: On June 16th Pax Imperia is 30 month old and has been a loyal Imperial city on Corellia since it was founded. Now Rebels Forces are gathering outside of Kor Vella to launch an assault while Imperial troops are gathering just outside of Pax Imperia on the other side of the River.

  • Name of Event: Two Years "Laughing Svelt" Cantina celebration in Pax Imperia – May 1st

  • Date, Time: Date, Time: May, 1st - starting 10 pm CET / 4 pm EST
    Purpose of Event: The Party will be held inside the Cantina in Pax Imperia. We encourage Entertainers from all over the Galaxy to come to our Party. The first 10 Entertainers who come and perform for at least 15 minutes will get 25000 credits payment for their performance (each). It is appreciated but not necessary if you plan your gig before and check for available times with me.

  • Febuary 2006 - Furchtlos temporialy takes over as Mayor until Wulfman returned.

  • 16.12.2005 Pax Imperia os two years old

  • 23.11.2005 - Death Squadron disbans and leaves Pax due to the NGE

  • 14.11.2005 - Pax Imperia Good Bye Party
    Location: (including planet and coordinates) -4760,2200, Pax Imperia, Corellia (Starport Kor Vella)
    Date: Time: (include time zone) November 14th, starting at 20:00 CET / 2 pm EST
    Purpose of Event: This seems to be the last day for many professions and maybe also one of the last days where we see several of our citizens. I was looking forward to our 2 year anniversery Party on the December 17th. We were planing things like a Creature and Droid Market, but as it looks, this will not be possible anymore and to be honest I am not sure how long Merlyn and I will still be around.

  • 30.10.2005 - Death Squadron moves to Pax Imperia.

  • 04.10.2005 - For the latest news visit the Pax Imperia Froum !

  • 20.07.2005 - Corellian officials grant the Mayor of Pax Imperia the right to place a shuttle port.

  • Name of Event: Empire Day in Pax Imperia– July 6st

  • Date: Time: (include time zone) : 6.07.2005
    Purpose of Event: A little quest to will start in Pax Imperia and might bring you a nice reward.

  • Name of Event: Pax Imperia’s 1,5 year anniversary – June 16th

  • Date: Time: (include time zone) : 16.06.2005
    Purpose of Event: The Imperial City on Corellia, Pax Imperia, was founded exactly 1,5 years ago (16.12.2003). To celebrate this day we will decorate the city and we expect Lord Vader himself to honour our town by a visit.

  • Name of Event: Pax Emporium - Pirate hunt on Market day

  • Date: Time: (include time zone) : 16.04.2005 (begin around 8 pm CET / 2 pm EST
    Purpose of Event: It is Market day in Pax Imperia and Merchants offer their goods for special prices. This also attracts Binayre Pirates and they are certainly unwanted guests on Corellia and Talus.
    Come to Pax Imperia and find special sales. Also look out for people giving you hints on a group of pirates. If you find the pirates mayor Wulfman is looking for he will reward you with 50.000 Credits. If you want to offer special sales during the market day, or run a live auction please contact the Mayor for details.

  • Name of Event: Crashed X-Wing

  • Date: Time: (include time zone) : 26.03.2005 (begin around 8 pm CET / 2 pm EST
    Purpose of Event: Imperial Fighters attacked an X-Wing carrying important Information. Unfortunately the X-Wing could escape and make an emergency landing on Corellia north of Pax Imperia. Now Imperial and Rebel Troops, as well as bounty hunters are on the quest to find the ship.
    Find the crash landed X-Wing and submit the co-ordinates to Wulfman. The first to find it will receive a reward of 100.000 credits. There are also several treasure boxes along the way.

  • Name of Event: Imperia Day

  • Date: Time: (include time zone) : 26.02.2005 (all day)
    Purpose of Event: Mayor Wulfman has just recived word that a deligation ofHigh Ranking Imperial Officers is visiting Corellia. During their stay on Corellia they plan to visit Pax Imperia as well. To honour these guest there will be an Imperial celabration in Pax Imperia on Saturday the 26st. All Imperial visitors are asked to come in Uniform (Armour or Fighter Suit) and or bring their personal assistnt (i.e. faction perk trooper etc) along. Pax Imperia will be decorated for this Event, come have a look and maybe you get to see some interesting new things.

  • History and Events in Pax:

  • 16.12.2004 Alrevolis retires and Wulfman takes over as new Mayor, Pax is 1 Year old !
    25.10.2004 Shuttle port was build
    02.05.2004 The Laughing Svelt Cantina was build
    09.04.2004 Base was destroyed
    16.03.2004 The Garage, build by Archteuh was placed in Pax
    03.02.2004 The fist Cantina was build
    25.01.2004 Cloning Center and Pax Hospital was build
    24.12.2003 The first Mission Terminal was placed
    18.12.2003 The City Hall was rebuild
    17.12.2003 The City Hall burned down
    16.12.2003 Pax Imperia was founded by Mayor Alrevolis


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